There are people in need and others who want to help. We're looking for both.

What We Do

Meeting People Where they are and building on what they have.

We at Sunrise Outreach are committed to applying best practice solutions for hunger, homelessness and apathy through community mobilization, neighborhood involvement and networked information exchange.

  • We are a purposeful Christian faith-based non-profit located in Yakima, Washington.
  • Any desire to share our faith is not a condition for the services we provide.
  • We are committed to being Kingdom of God people within the context of Isaiah 58:6-9.

Four Pillars

Feeding Families Housing the Homeless Building Relationships Community Mobilization

Intercessory Prayer

Each morning a group of Intercessors gather around a table in a garage at 6:45 am. From as many as eight different churches, we catch up with each other while enjoying a steamy cup of joe. We start off with the Lord's prayer, a scripture reading and devotion, then prayer. We continually ask for the Lord's leading in our community. We pray for our Pastors and Leaders; we ask for God's blessing and direction for all the Christian faith based non-profits and other businesses focused on the rule and reign of Jesus Christ in Yakima County. We ask provision, protection, and healing for those who come to mind, and unity among our Christian community. We end with worship just before heading to our cars at 8:00.